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About DxDecor

Daryl WilsonDesigning started at a young age. As I watched my mom draw beautiful images I knew then that I wanted to make amazing designs like she did. I graduated college with a graphics design degree in 2010 and shortly 
after graduating I started my first job in the graphics field at a local sign shop. I designed signs, banners, car decals, wall decals, apparel and much more. After working there for a good amount of time, I got laid off due to slow business. This gave me the kick in the rear to think about MY future. During this time is when I first started thinking about starting my own small business. The first name I choose was Dexterity Designs. After some thought about that name choice, I decided that it was to long of a name for people to remember easily So i shortened it to DxDecor Graphics and Design.

I love creating all kinds of design from wall decals and apparel designs to license plates and customized photo gifts. I find that the design part of the business is the most enjoyable part. As a graphics designer I have the skills and capability to design about anything imaginable. If you have any custom orders that you would like to have made, just send me a email at and I am sure I can make it especially for you.

Thank You for taking the time to stop by DxDecor and learn a little more about me. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Daryl Wilson

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